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Software deployment overview

This page provides an overview and comparison of the two installers available for deploying the Rimscout client on user devices: the per-user installer and the per-machine installer.

Available installers

Rimscout offers two distinct installers for deploying the Rimscout client:

  1. Per-user installer: Ideal for quick tests, network assessments, or scenarios where automatic updates are desired.
  2. Per-machine installer: Ideal for deployment on multiple devices, offering control over the client update process.

You can download both at

Installer comparison

The two installers differ in several key aspects, as outlined in the table below:

Property Per-user Per-machine
Installation context Installed per-user in Local AppData Installed machine-wide in Program Files
Updates Updates automatically Updated only via patches
Admin rights Not required Required for installation
Packet size Large (~95MB as ZIP-archive). Includes the .NET framework. Small (~12MB). Downloads .NET Framework during installation.
Firewall rules Must be configured manually Configured automatically during installation

Further information

For more detailed information and examples on software deployment using the two installers, please refer to the following pages:

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