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Access control

The access control in Rimscout allows you to manage user permissions and determine who can access your Rimscout tenant. Only users listed on the access control page will have access, with your tenant admin being the default user displayed in grey.

Add users

To grant access to other users, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Access control section in the portal.
  2. Click on Add user.
  3. Enter the user's Microsoft-ID. Note: The Microsoft-ID must be associated with a Microsoft work and school account.
  4. Select the desired sections of the portal that the user should have access to. Note: These sections correspond to items in the navigation menu.
  5. Decide whether the user should get notified per mail if a new major version is available.


User access limitation

The number of licenced portal accesses determinse the maximum number of users you can add to your tenant. On the access control page you can find the remaining number of user you can add.

If you require more portal accesses, you have two options:

  • Send an email to to request additional portal access licenses.

  • Modify your plan on the Azure Marketplace offer if you purchased Rimscout trhough Azure.