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Client local folders

There are two folders created on the client installation. One in Local AppData, for the execution file, and one in ProgramData, for the configuration files.


The configuration files lie in ProgramData to ensure that only one Rimscout instance is present on any device even if multiple users login to a device. The .exe file is seperately stored in AppData because of security considerations.

Local AppData

The path to the Rimscout folder in Local AppData is

Only the RimScout.exe file lies here. The Rimscout application always runs from this folder. If and Rimscout.exe is started from somewhere else but AppData, the .exe file is copied to AppData and restarts from there.


The path to the Rimscout folder in ProgramData is

All the configuration files of Rimscout are stored there.

File/Folder Purpose
ApplicationInsights Data collected by application insights is cached here when no connection is available.
Logs The Rimscout log files are stored in this folder.
config.xml This file contains the configuration for the tests that the Rimscout client executes.
deviceCertificate This file is needed to allow the client to send data to the portal.
profile.xml Information about the client, its tenant or its location are cached here.
settings.xml Contains all settings of the client and can be changed manually.
tests.db All the test results of the client are cached in this local database before they are posted to the portal.


Do not temper with any of these files unless you know what you do. Changes might impact the client behaviour.