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Internet provider


The test probes the connection to the first public network hop. This hop is the first hop with a public IP address when a traceroute is performed by the client.

The first public hop is usually the first network station that is not under the control of a user or a company. It belongs to the internet provider. Problems reaching this destination or high latencies to that hop can indicate problems in the local network. Those issues can also indicate that the link to the internet provider is possibly congested. However, if the connection to this early network hop is troubled this influences every traffic going to the internet.


Parameter Value
Target First public hop (taken from system profile)
Number of measurements 5
Warning threshold 50
Critical threshold 100
Status percentage 21%


Locate the issue

A bad connection to your provider has likely a local cause, but does not have to. Therefore, narrow down where and when issues occur. Use the general troubleshooting guide and try to answer these questions:

  • Is it a client-specific, local or global issue?
    • Are there other clients with a bad internet provider connection at the same location?
  • Are there other related services with issues?
    • Does performance issues relate to bad connections to the default gateway?
  • Does the performance change over time?
    • Are there periods where the connection is better or worse?

If you find other services with issues also look at their test documentations.

Possible causes (status warning/critical)

Local network issues

Before the hop of the Internet provider there is at least the default gateway that the packets go through.

  • Check if there are any local network issues or device performance issues.

Internet provider hops interchange

In the past we spotted strange performance patterns for the connection to the Internet provider. But they did not seem to cause any issues for the users.

  • Check if the MS Connecttest shows issues and similar patterns as well. If that test has no issues, the bad Internet provider connection is possibly a result of some changing internal routing and has no influence on your clients' experience.

Network bandwidth saturated

If the bandwidth capacity is exceeded this results in higher latencies and packet loss.

  • Check your network bandwidth and its usage (on the firewall or default gateways).

If the uplink to the provider is congested (by others) this of course results in higher latencies.

  • Check if clients in the same location also report issues. In that case and if other possible issues above are ruled out, contact your provider.

Solve first public hop issues (status error)

No local connection

The client is not correctly connected to the local network.

  • Check the default gateway test.

Internet provider hidden

Some Internet providers hide their hops. Then Rimscout is unable to determine the Internet provider and measure the connection to it.

  • Check if the system profile has an entry for First public hop. If there is nothing then Rimscout can't find your internet provider. Please report this to us.

Provider hop is down

If you experience that there is not internet connection and this test errors, then the uplink to your provider might be down.

  • Check if the other service tests are executed successfully. If only the local network and device performance tests are executed successfully, your provider is for some reason unreachable.