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All global properties of your tenant can be changed in the tenant configuration.

Managed service provider

When a managed service provider (MSP) is connected to your Rimscout tenant, they manage your tenant. This grants them full access and allows them to bill you for the registered clients and portal users within your tenant.

Request connection

To connect your tenant to an MSP in Rimscout

  1. Click on the Request connection button.
  2. Input the MSP ID of the provider you want to connect to. You should request this ID from your MSP.

After requesting the connection, you must wait for the MSP to confirm your request in their portal. Once your tenant is linked, the MSP will have full access. Billing will transition from license-based to consumption-based. For detailed pricing information, please contact your MSP.

Remove connection

To disconnect an MSP, click the Remove Connection button and confirm the action. Be aware that this will revoke the MSP’s access to your tenant, and you will be responsible for billing.