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Pre-configured services

Services are used to group tests and show them on the health pages. The tenant base configuration comes with a set of pre-configured services that include built-in and managed tests and that target the same network area or cloud service. This article describes these services and their included tests.

Solve service issues

To locate and solve issues of a service, one should always have a look at the individual tests and how they correlate with each other. For each test of the pre-configured services exists a separate page that provides information on how to locate and troubleshoot an issue.

Local network

This service monitors the connection of the client to the default gateway. As all network traffic has to pass through the default gateway the connection to it is crucial for a stable and fast internet connection. While the Default gateway test evaluates the performance of the connection in general, the WiFi signal strength gives even further information about the WiFi connection, in case WiFi is used.

Public internet

The tests included in this service monitor hops outside the local network environment that indicate if there are general issues with the traffic to the internet. The Internet provider test checks the connection to the first public hop. This network hop usually belongs to the internet provider. The Microsoft Connect Test test measures if the connection to a Microsoft server can be established and if the connection is performant.


The Teams service tests target endpoints used by the Microsoft Teams for the desktop app and video or audio stream. The Teams audio/video (UDP) test simulates a Teams call and checks for general performance issues or a lossy connection which indicate bad Teams call quality. The Teams client test checks if the data for the Teams client can be loaded quickly. The Teams audio/video (TCP) test is a back-up test in case that a UDP connection to Teams is blocked. In that case Teams uses TCP instead of transmit Teams calls.


The Outlook service currently contains only one test. This test Outlook client test checks if the connection to the online Exchange server can be established and whether it is stable and performant. This connection is necessary for the Outlook client to receive and send emails or to synchronize the Outlook calendar.