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WiFi signal strength


The WiFi signal strength test queries the current WiFi signal strength of a device's WiFi connection (if WiFi is used). A low signal strength affects the performance of the connection to the default gateway and therefore the internet connection in general.


Parameter Value
Method Performance Counter (internal)
Target WiFi signal strength (internal)
Number of measurements 2
Warning threshold 40%
Critical threshold 20%
Status percentage 51%


Locate the issue

A bad WiFi signal strength should relate to at least issues for the Default gateway test and is location dependent. Therefore, narrow down where and when issues occur. Use the general troubleshooting guide and try to answer these questions:

  • Is it a client-specific or local issue?
    • Are there other clients with a bad signal strength at the same location?
  • Are there other related services with issues?
    • Does performance issues relate to peaks in the device performance?
    • Does the Default gateway test shows issues as well?
  • Does the signal strength change over time?
    • Are there periods where the clients does not use WiFi? How does the Default gateway test behave then?

If you find other services with issues also look at their test documentations.

Possible causes (status warning/critical)

Althoug issues of the WiFi signal are likely the cause for internet connection issues, check the default gateway test for issues first.

Bad location

Normally the cause for a bad WiFi connection is the location that the client works at.

  • Check if the client is not too far away from the router. In case the client is at home, consider changing the default gateway (router) location or use repeaters.
  • Change the location if possible or switch to an ethernet cable instead of using WiFi. Check if the Default gateway connection enhances then.

WiFi interference

WiFi might be congested by too many other devices.

  • Check if there are too many other devices using WiFi.
  • Consider changing the WiFi channel used by the default gateway (router) to use a channel that is less congested by other devices.

Solve first WiFi signal strength issues (status error):

In case the test errors, this is likely a software bug.