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The health is an indicator whether a test, service, client or location has issues. By navigating to the Health section in the portal, users can access the health charts that visualize the health of your tests. The charts provide an overview of any current or past issues and allow users to drill-down and locate the area of issues.


Health calculation

The health status is categorized into four states: Success, Warning, Critical, and Error. These states are determined based on measurements obtained from test executions performed by clients. While each individual test execution receives a status based on configured thresholds, the health calculation aggregates these results over time and, in case of the location and organization health, also across multiple clients.

If the health status is not Success, it indicates that clients report issues for a test. A Warning status suggests notable measurements that may not necessarily result in issues for the user. However, if the measurements reach a Critical state, it indicates potential impacts for the user. In the case of an Error status, the client was unable to execute a test. Further investigation into the reasons for an error can be performed on the test result chart.

Health pages

The health pages in the Rimscout portal show the health for locations, services and clients. The health status is indicated by the color of the columns: Green for Success, yellow for Warning, red for Critical and grey for an Error.

There are currently five different health pages in the Rimscout portal (see below). Four of them can be reached over the Health tab in the navigation. The client health page can be found under the the Analyze tab under Clients.


Despite their slight difference in focus, all pages have the same structure and usage.

Pick the location and/or service you're interested in.

Some of the health pages have dropdown selections at the top. Choose the location and/or service among all locations and services that you want to have a look at. selection

Look at the health charts to find issues

Every health page shows multiple health charts. Those health charts display the health of a service, location or client over one day. Whether the health is good or bad is inidicated by the colors of the columns in the health charts.


Hover and click on the health charts for details

Most health charts provide you details about the tests that contribute to that health status. This information is shown when you hover over the health charts. The appearing tooltip also indicates, whether a click on the chart will direct you to another health page or the test result chart where you can further investigate an issue.


Use the date picker for a look in the past

Every page has a date picker at its top. This can be used to see the health of past days for comparison. time

When there are tests or specific client services with issues, a link to a page with some troubleshooting guidance is displayed. Read the information to get ideas on how to solve or proceed with a found issue. guide

The available health pages

This section lists the different health pages and shortly describes their purpose.


The organization health page is the top-level health page. It provides a general overview of your organizations health and shows whether there are any issues. It is a good starting point to look for any possible issues detected by your Rimscout clients.

The Services and Locations section show the health of your locations and tested services. The Degraded clients sections lists the clients that reported the most issues at the selected date.


The location health page provides an overview of the health at the selected location. It can hint whether there are possibly location-wide issues with a service or whether there are only single clients with issues.

The Services section therefore shows if a significant amount of clients at the location have issues with one of the services. The Degraded clients section lists the clients that reported the most issues at the selected date at this location.


Similar to the location health page the service health page provides an overview of the health for a selected service. This page helps to determine whether there are global or only location bound issues with a service.

Therefore, the Locations section shows if a significant amount of clients at a location have issue with the selected service. Also the Degraded clients section lists the clients that reported the most issues for that service at the selected date.

Service at location

The service at location health page is meant as a page for drill-down. If you detected that a specific service at one location has issues, then you can use this page to get more details.

The Service tests section shows all tests that belong to that service and displays their health status over time. The Degraded clients section on this page shows the clients that reported issues for that service at the location. Therefore those degraded clients mainly determine the health of the service tests health on that page.


On the client health page one can easily spot whether a client reports any issues.

As on the location and organization pages, the Services section shows the health of all services of that client.