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Clients can be tagged with a location which allows for easy grouping and filtering of clients. Clients are assigned to locations via location tags, which include tag parameters like the Public IP address. If a client’s reported parameters match a tag, it’s assigned to that location. In case the clients parameters change, its assigned location also changes. A client whose parameters do not match any location tag, is assigned to the Default location.

Create a location

  1. Go to Configuration > Locations
  2. Click Create location in the Locations tab.
  3. Enter the Name of the new location.
  4. Save your new location.


The location must be linked to a Location tag to map clients to it.

Create a location tag

Location tags link clients to locations based on matching system profile parameters.

  1. Navigate to Configuration > Locations and select the tab Location tags.
  2. Click Create location tag.
  3. Choose suitable tag parameters. Learn more about the options.
  4. Optionally, select a client to auto-fill tag parameters, then click Next.
  5. Enter values for the chosen tag parameters. Comma-separate multiple values for one parameter.
  6. Link a location or click on Create new location to create and select a new location.
  7. Set a priority (default is lowest).


Creating a new location tag will not update past client data to match the linked location.


Location tag parameters

The tag parameters are unique identifiers for a location.

Tag parameters Description
Active Directory Site Only for domain-joined clients. Useful to reuse existing location configurations for office networks.
Country Useful for distinguishing home office users in different countries or grouping clients when no further location information is available.
Gateway MAC address An alternative to public IP addresses. Ideal for grouping clients in an office location that all use the same Default gateway.
Gateway MAC address & Default gateway IP address An alternative to public and local IP addresses. Useful for grouping clients by their Default Gateways in an office location where MAC addresses are globally used for the Default Gateways.
Public IP address The recommended option for office locations. Ideal for identifying locations with a fixed set of IP addresses for all network connections.
Public IP address & Local IP address Useful for differentiating office locations that share the same public IP but use different subnets.