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Locations can be used to distinguish clients by their location. Network parameters like the Public IP are used to determine the clients location.

Create a location

  1. Navigate to Configuration > Locations
  2. Click on the Create button
  3. Provide the Name of the location and fill in the Country, City/Region and Carrier as well.
  4. Click on Save

In order for clients to be mapped to a location, the location must be linked to at least one Location tag.

Create a location tag

Location tags match clients to a location. Matching is achieved by identifying network parameters that distinguish the locations.

  1. Navigate to Configuration > Location tags
  2. Click on the Create button
  3. Choose a tag type. Choose a network parameter which is the same for all clients at that location, but different to all others.
  4. Provide the tag specific parameters. (E.g. the IP address)
  5. Choose the location that this location tag should be linked to.
  6. Select a priority. All tags are ordered by this priority so that the first matching tag in the list determines the location of a client.

Important remarks

  • If a tag is newly created, past data of clients is not updated and matched to the linked location.