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Configure your Rimscout tenant

Once you've installed your first clients, Rimscout is generally ready for use. However, for a smoother experience and enhanced functionality, it is recommended to configure the following aspects for Rimscout.

Connect clients via your domain

Clients connect to the portal using client tokens. You can create manual tokens, as used during the initial client installation, or generate tokens for devices that are domain-joined, allowing any device in your domain to register automatically with your Rimscout tenant.

  1. Access the Rimscout portal and navigate to Configuration > Client tokens
  2. Click on the Create token button.
  3. Select the token type as Domain SID.
  4. Input your domain SID (How to retrieve a domain SID).
  5. Add a description and keep the token limit as No limit.
  6. Save the token.
  7. Clients on domain-joined devices will now auto-register themselves.

For clients that are not domain-joined, you can still utilize the auto-generated token available on the client tokens page.

Assign a location to your clients

Your clients' devices may be situated in various locations. To identify and filter clients quickly based on their location, create locations and location tags.

  1. Go to Configuration > Locations.
  2. Click Create location.
  3. Enter the Name of the new location.
  4. Save your new location.

The newly created location serves as a label. To associate clients with this location, create a location tag.

  1. On the Locations page select the tab Location tags.
  2. Click Create location tag.
  3. Choose suitable tag parameters. Learn more about the options.
  4. Optionally, select a client to auto-fill tag parameters, then click Next.
  5. Enter values for the chosen tag parameters. Comma-separate multiple values for one parameter.
  6. Select the previously created location to link it to this location tag.
  7. Set a priority (default is lowest)
  8. Click on Finish. All clients matching the tag parameters are now assigned to your location.


Clients that do not match any location are assigned to the Default location.

Create custom tests

Clients run various connection tests to evaluate the availability and performance of services While predefined managed tests are executed initially, you can also add and run custom tests.

  1. Navigate to Configuration > Test.
  2. Click Create test.
  3. Enter a unique test name, choose a suitable method and proceed by clicking on Next.
  4. Provide method-specific parameters based on the chosen method and proceed.
  5. Specify the number of measurements per minute and continue. Refer to the details of your chosen method for guidance.
  6. Define measurement thresholds and percentage and proceed.
  7. Optionally, assign the test to a test sets and proceed.
  8. Optionally, assign the test to services and click on Finish.

In case you did not choose a test set in the test creation process, your clients won't execute your new test. To enable your clients to run the new test, quickly add it to the Default Test Set.

  1. On the Test page click on the Test sets tab.
  2. In the table click on the edit button for the Default test set entry.
  3. Choose your custom test from the list of tests.
  4. Save your changes.

Now all your clients will execute the new test. To execute different set of tests, e.g. for clients in different locations, you can create your own test sets. For more information, read Test sets.


The Default test set is the fall-back test set. If the client doesn't have another matching test set, it will execute the tests from the Default test set.

Next steps

After completing the initial configuration steps outlined in the quick start guide, you can explore the data provided by your clients.

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